Monday, September 26, 2011

Musical Monday

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Okay, so just as a fair warning. This is my favorite band e.v.e.r., and therefore, their music is going to pop up. A lot.

Even midweek, I'm certain.

I'm not a very musical person, as in, I can't tell if something is in key. If you asked me to sing a note, I'd sing it flat, shatter a glass, and make babies everywhere in the tri-city region cry. Even so, I have a song for every mood. One that reaches so deep to the core that it becomes part of my life's playlist. (I don't have one of those yet, but I will.)

Pain of Salvation has about... oh, I'd say 30 songs that do that for me.

I was listening to this song about a week ago when I when I needed just the right mindset to write a scene with my hero trying to push the heroine away, and it is spot freakin' on. He's lost. He's broken. He just needs to be alone to find himself.

In the concept album Remedy Lane where "Undertow" is kind of the turning point in the story, the ending is not so happily-ever-after. But I write romance, so you bet this resolves itself eventually.

Enjoy. And try not to cry.

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