Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ten weeks, five days and counting...Not that I'm keeping track or anything

I went back and checked my submission date to Samhain. May 7, 2011 -- meaning that it has been ten weeks, five days... yeah, you got that part already. I haven't heard a thing. I know at this point it's a "no news is good news" kind of thing, because if it was a rejection I'm more likely to have heard by now. But I haven't heard anything, so it's still potentially a "no."

Honestly I don't mind if I get a negative response, because it was my FIRST submission, and still means that I've cleared that hurdle!

Also, a big thanks to Ju and Mel Teshco for the contest that one me one of Mel's backlist novellas. Woot!

Still in the midst of our cross-country move. I leave in (gulp) five days, for a (big gulp) solo 36-hour drive! I'm looking for good podcasts to download, because after singing for 12 hours straight I'm going to need something else to keep me awake!

What do you do on long drives to keep you entertained? That is... not falling asleep.