Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've attained author status!

Evernight Publishing has offered to accept "Waking The Dead"! Celebration!

The day I received my first ever rejection letter (which I consider an important milestone in my literary career) was a day of bad news all around, so that wasn't bothering me too much since I expected that. It was just a really terrible day, and I was only upset about Samhain so far as it had taken SIXTEEN WEEKS TO THE DAY to send me a form rejection. I know they're busy over there so I'm not whining about that. I just wonder... How close did I get?

So I revised, fixed a chunk of the problems that I thought the story had, edited some more, and submitted to Evernight Publishing. Very promptly (comparatively!) I received an offer letter.

Who's dancing off the canyon walls? This gal!

I'm still waiting on the contract and cover art form (squeee!), but in the interim, it's celebration time!