Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've attained author status!

Evernight Publishing has offered to accept "Waking The Dead"! Celebration!

The day I received my first ever rejection letter (which I consider an important milestone in my literary career) was a day of bad news all around, so that wasn't bothering me too much since I expected that. It was just a really terrible day, and I was only upset about Samhain so far as it had taken SIXTEEN WEEKS TO THE DAY to send me a form rejection. I know they're busy over there so I'm not whining about that. I just wonder... How close did I get?

So I revised, fixed a chunk of the problems that I thought the story had, edited some more, and submitted to Evernight Publishing. Very promptly (comparatively!) I received an offer letter.

Who's dancing off the canyon walls? This gal!

I'm still waiting on the contract and cover art form (squeee!), but in the interim, it's celebration time!


  1. Wow honey!!! That surely calls for a celebration.. Pass around the cyber bubbly..and reserve your release date in your calendar for an interview at my blog... to think of a title..

    "Awesome author, Renee Silvana, celebrating her debut release with a giveaway." ;) :p How does that sound???



    Sorry all in CAPS but important!

    This is great. Hold on to this feeling! Write it down. Keep us informed! We will be there on Publication Day!

  3. Congratulations! I am absolutely ecstatic. I am so happy for you. Soak it up and enjoy. You deserve it.

  4. Congratulations! Saw the SubCare post and had to come check out the details!