Sunday, September 25, 2011

Evernight's Big Birthday Bash

Welcome to Evernight's Big Birthday Bash!

Hello, hello! Great things are HERE!

Between September 25th and October 2, Evernight Publishing is having it's first birthday party. Woohoo! To celebrate, we're giving away tons of prizes!

Evernight will choose one commenter from EACH participating blog to win a $5.00 Gift Certificate. (That means this blog, and every blog, so get commenting!) In addition, Evernight will choose three separate commenters from ANY of the blogs to win one of three grand prizes: a new Kindle eReader, $50.00 U.S. (gifted via PayPal), and a $40.00 Evernight Gift Certificate.

Many authors participating in this event are also offering their own prizes as well! Make sure you leave your e-mail address at each blog you comment on.

So, what can an as-yet unreleased author offer up for this birthday bash?

I'm giving away the VERY FIRST free copy of "Waking The Dead" to my winner! Yes, it's a few months out, but you have the bragging rights of being the first person to win a copy!

To be eligible for my drawing:

1. Become a follower of this blog
2. Leave a comment answering this question: Describe the most memorable interaction between a hero and heroine from any book you've read. Leave your email address as well.
3. For every person you refer that comments on this blog and becomes a follower, you get an extra entry into my drawing! Send me an email or leave a comment letting me know.

Even better... save your pennies, guys, and visit Evernight Publishing's website on October 1st for some great discounts!

Make sure you visit every blog to be eligible to win the big prizes!

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  1. Congrats to Evernight! And to the super-duper lucky winner who gets to read Renee's book ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Evernight!

    Describe the most memorable interaction between a hero and heroine from any book you've read

    Book: Ain't No Bull by Danica Avet - Stubborn Amazon women denies her attraction towards a Minotaur who is looks like Sex on a stick. However she cant stop thinking about him and finds herself peaking in on him every chance she gets. At one point as she is watching him give himself a hand job the Minotaur knows she is watching himself fullfill his own pleasure so he makes it last as long as he can. The Amazon can't handle it anymore and finds herself climbing through the window to get to him giving her spying self away - LOL Now that was a hot scene.

    1. Became a new follower.

    Ronda Tutt

  3. Congratulations on your first release! The book looks incredible ...most memoriable scene is in a sherrilyn keynons book when fang first hooks up with his mate in the dressing room of her shop!*sigh* that's a real man!
    GFC Nikki

  4. Wishing Everlight a happy Birthday and many more! *S*
    The best scene was Pack Challenge: Magnus Pack, Book 1 by
    Shelly Laurenston. Sara the main character does not know that she is a wolf shifter and coming into heat. That is one of the reasons that Zach the Alpha of the Mangus Pack show up with his pack. They spark off each other like fire but when they finally get to the down and dirty it's like fire and gasoline...*S*
    Thank you for the contest and I have your upcoming release on my gotta have list.


  5. HAppy Birthday!!!
    My most memorable scene would probable be Eden Bradley's The Dark Garden = Rowan and Christian are two amazing characters. Christian is a dominant who wants to loose himself in Rowan's surrender if she will let him .. for just 30 days. Eden is amazing she really knows how to describe a scene and a D's relationship.

  6. My memorable moment for hero and heroine was in the first alpha omega book by patricia briggs because the heroine in her past was abused and the hero saved her and had so much patiece in letting her get used to him. He was strong and yet showed so much compassion.

  7. Congrats on the new release and super happy birthday to Evernight!

    What a tough question...maybe between two hot cops--cowboy male and city female who hook up in one of Allison Brennan's books. She wants to wear his hat (and nothing else) in bed. It was very nice!

    Carlie A.

  8. Happy Birthday Evernight! Great Celebration :-)
    Most memorable moment for hero and heroine has to be in the Outlander with Jamie and Clare when he saves her from her husbands ancestor! So romantic but horrid for him at the same time.
    Became a follower
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  9. Happy birthday, Evernight! Thank you, Renee, for participating and offering braqgging rights to your book! The most memorable event between a hero and a heroine is Savannah and Gregory when he comes to "claim" her since he's been waiting for her since BEFORE she was born (Christine Feehan's Dark Magician).

    GFC: books4me

    books4me67 at

  10. I just became a new follower!

    Congrats on the new release!

    Describe the most memorable interaction between a hero and heroine from any book you've read!

    This is kind of hard for me because the book I want to talk about had several memorable moments.

    Let's see now; the book is The Heart of War by Lisa Beth Darling.

    The hero's name is Ares he's the god of war he has this young woman on his island named Magdalena (Maggie) neither of them are sure of how Maggie came to be on Ares' island so Ares goes to the place where Maggie was helping out with a mission in Africa to try and learn more about her; He learns that some terrible things happened to her and so he goes to person responsible.

    He deals with the person in a way only a God of War could, when he returns to his island he reveals to Maggie that she'll never have to worry about this person again.

    When Maggie learns of this she hugs him several times and you notice that Ares does actually have a tender side because he begins to think that Maggie is bringing to light a side of himself he didn't even know existed.

    I just thought the scene was a really sweet and tender moment between the two characters.

    Thanks for the potential bragging rights and the giveaway!

  11. Happy Birthday to Evernight! Am following the Blog Hop, very cool way to find out about new authors (well to me anyways) and/or new books to add to my TBR list. Thanks for participating and for the giveaway. :-)
    GFC follower: Eva Perez


  12. I can't believe someone mentioned The Heart of War. I just finished it and there were countless scenes. Yes when he goes after her abuser it is great. Also when Alena saves the other slave girl, that I can't remember her name, starts with an O.


  13. Most memorable scene? It's got to be from Hunters Edge by Shiloh Walker. When Angel tells Kel that she'll survive without him & leaves. Kel realizes that he can't let her go, runs after her & confesses that he finally understands that she could survive without him, but he can't survive without her. Gives me goosebumps everytime.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  14. Most memorable scene? One of the most memorable that I have read this year was in Larissa Ione's ETERNAL RIDER. The scene involving the tree and her being upside-down. Believe me, that's not one I will forget soon, lol. I don't think it is very practical or that it would work for long but it is definitely memorable.

    GFC: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  15. Hmm. Tuff question, first book that comes to mind is Delicate Freakin' Flower. The heroine meets her mates by being smacked in the face with a ball. OMG! I died laughing! To funny! Thank you for the giveaway!
    gfc- shadow_kohler