Saturday, September 10, 2011

I haz cover art!

There's a moment in every new author's career when they realize, "Holy crap. This is actually happening!"

I got a taste of that the moment I received an email from Evernight offering to extend me a contract. But even after I signed and submitted the contract, for over a week, I thought that maybe they would realize they made a mistake. I'd receive an e-mail telling me on further consideration, my story was not for them. Even after I joined the Evernight Authors Facebook group. Even after my author page was posted.

So I waited.

During a conversation with Ju a few days ago, in which I'd expressed concern that I hadn't heard from EP since I'd submitted the contract, I made the decision to send a query making sure that the documentation I sent was kosher.

And thanks to my middle-of-the-desert dial-up connection, I hadn't realized that, four minutes prior to sending my "Hey, am I good to go?" e-mail, Stacey had sent me this:

And then I had my, "Holy crap, this is really happening" moment.

(By the way. I'm really anticipating Ju's next blog post, so get on it girl!)


  1. LOL, honey!!! I loved, loved, loved the cover!!! It's just BEAUTIFUL!

    My next blog post.. ;) Has to wait..since Kate Walker is visiting me on Monday ;) Be there...!!!! (And make me forget the rest of the "tension packed" stuffs...)

  2. How exciting - an actual cover! With your name on it. Any idea on how long it will be to actual publication?

  3. Ju, fine. I'll be patient!

    Juliet, its scheduled release date is sometime in December. I'm so excited!