Monday, October 17, 2011

Musical Monday: Opeth

I'm super excited today, because tomorrow, I move to Denver, Colorado. And next Tuesday, Opeth will be in Denver performing at the Ogden Theater. Guess where I'll be? It's fate, really, and the fact that Opeth played on NPR today means that my little corner of the world is coming together nicely after a few days of uncertainty.

Okay, so that's a little dramatic. Anywho.

Probably my favorite band in the world, second only to another Swedish progressive metal band, Opeth is one of the few groups that can speak to every one of my moods.

Except happiness. There is a huge void where you might find "happy" in their albums.

Opeth inspired the opening scene of what was originally the beginning of "Waking The Dead" (which was worked and reworked until it resembled something entirely different). I turn to them whenever I need inspiration, particularly when my brooding male Alphas refuse to talk to me.

This song is something that's a bit different from their usual death metal growls.


  1. It so nice when things come together.

    How far is the move? Are you moving from a different state?

  2. I just moved from Arizona to Colorado and made it in... about 10 minutes ago. Aaagh, 11 hours of driving is three times more difficult when there isn't someone else to take over the wheel! I love long drives... just not that long. LOL Thanks for stopping by!