Monday, October 10, 2011

Musical Monday and Winners

I've been a bad blogger this week.

I moved from my employee housing on Saturday, and expect to move from my current apartment within the next two weeks or so. We're looking at Colorado, which I've never even been to, but I figure I can do anything for six months until I return to Arizona for work in the spring.

So please forgive the fact that I've left my autopostings to do all the work for me.

Winners of Evernight's BIG Birthday Bash!
$5 Giftcard to Evernight Publishing: Pommawolf
FIRST Copy of "Waking The Dead": Kathryn

Congratulations, guys! Kathryn, please e-mail me at your convenience, I'm not sure if my message made it to you!

Back to the music. What am I in the mood for today?

Swedish progressive ANYTHING. Rock, metal, you name it. The Swedish know how to write music.

A.C.T. is one of those rare gems I stumbled across completely by accident. They're super catchy, and their lead singer is adorable. Always helps. This song also was played on repeat after a particularly rough break-up, even though I'm fairly certain the concept of this album is about an insane groundskeeper, conniving landlord and a sentient apartment building.

Yep, those Swedes.

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