Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Author Interview & Contest: Lucianne Rivers

Hello all!

I'm so excited today to have the opportunity to have Lucianne Rivers, author of the Caldwell Sisters series. The third installment, ENTICE ME, has just been released by Entangled Publishing. To celebrate the release, Lucy is giving away an incredible prize to a commenter here today!

And I start off as I always do, when did you decide writing was something you just had to do?

After the birth of my daughter, Lily, nearly two years ago, I felt this huge surge of creativity and took a screenwriting class at my local community college. This began a love of writing. From there I learned the craft of writing prose, and made the switch.

What steered you to romantic fiction, or your particular flavor of romance?

I've always read romance, beginning with anything by Austen or the Bronte sisters, and then moving on to more "adult" titles by Linda Howard and Jude Devereaux. At the movies, I tend to veer toward romantic thrillers. It makes sense that as a writer I'd be drawn to the genre. I'm a romantic, and my dream is to love passionately, and be loved the same way in return...

What is your writing routine? What obstacles do you deal with, if any?

I've just been through a break-up. Writing has been been next to impossible. I hope to return to it very soon.

Sorry to hear that, Lucy! I do hope you get back to writing soon, because I know you have some great stories in you that need to be told. (Just look at her back list, guys, great stuff!) What is the most important thing you've learned, either in writing or publishing, or both?

That it's not possible to make the switch from reader to writer without learning the "rules" of writing. Because there are many, and you probably won't pick up on them just from consuming fiction.

I wish someone had told me about all the stuff that goes into writing a book BEFORE I started! GMC, try explaining THAT to an eight-year-old, LOL. Speaking of reading, what have you read that you think readers should look out for?

My favorite book ever is Shirley by Charlotte Bronte, followed by any one of Susan Wiggs' historical romances. Currently I am reading Cover Me by Catherine Mann.

The heroine of Shirley is a girl called Caroline who loves a man who doesn't seem to love her back. Her story stays with me...

To celebrate the release of ENTICE ME, the third novella in the Caldwell Sisters Trilogy, I'm doing a giveaway of all three stories. Please leave a comment on this post to have your name entered into a draw. The winner will be chosen a week from today. (October 19)

Good luck, Lucy

All three books are available for purchase here: Lucianne Rivers

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I want to thank Lucy again for stopping by here today, and for giving away such a generous prize!


  1. Hello Lucy, Hi Renee,

    Great interview! Caldwell Sisters series sounds like a fab one. Loved the titles and the covers.

    I'm a happy reader as long as it involves romance and HEA :) It's nice to see what goes on behind the stories. Had to google "GMC"!

    Count me in for the giveaway.
    helise (DOT) braham (at) gmail (DOT) com

  2. Hi there Lucy :)

    Congrats on your releases! Great to meet you at Renee's!

    (Hugs) to overcome the obstacle and to start writing soon!

  3. Great interview, Renee! Congrats on your release, Lucy. Would love to be entered in the giveaway. lornel AT xplornet DOT com