Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Rewriting Process

So I've come to terms with the weaknesses in my current WIP. Namely, that I want to change the target line from a Spice Brief to Nocturne Bite. Why? I just don't think it has the potential to be "spicy" enough given the amount of plot I need to weave in. I love, love Spice Briefs, but it's just not there yet.

The fact that I've committed to a story is a big step forward for me. I have about a bajillion ideas floating around in my head at a time, no fewer than three or four of those are 5,000+ word WIPs sitting in my writing folder on my desktop.

What do you prefer? Your one "baby" that you devote all your love and affection to, or are you in an open relationship with multiple WIPs at the same time?


  1. Congrats with the progress.
    I am definitely a one at a time project kind of girl. Even though I make notes of possible scenes and dialogue for my other potential projects.

  2. I can only write one at a time but the others are in my brain lurking around.

  3. I am of course in an open relationship (with only my stories, of course!!!) and if one of them grants me unwavering attention, I'd grant it too ;)

  4. If I write more than one at a time, I'd never finish anything.