Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Congrats, Kim!

I have been remiss in my blogging duties, but frankly I have been having quite a difficult time writing at all. My job sucks most of my energy, and after leaving at nearly 9 last night and waking up at 4 this morning to go back and start all over again, creativity is the first thing to go.

I just wanted to pop on to say a BIG congratulations to Kim Bowman on the opening of her new blog, and on the scheduled release of her title "Wayward Soul." Hop on over to her blog and read the blurb, then enter her contest! And check out Elaina Lee's work on that cover, woah! I've only sneaked peaks at the early stages of the story, but I think Elaina did an amazing job of capturing the mood.

Astraea Press, a sweet romance publisher, is open for submissions and Kim's title will be one of the first to launch with it. So excited for the girls behind the scenes over there setting up the stage for opening day!


  1. Man! You have a crazy schedule. I admire your stamina. Keep well and I hope you get some time to rest a bit.