Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alpha Heroes - Pictoral Inspiration, Part 1

When I think "alpha hero," about fifty percent of the time, I think of this guy:

Johan Hallgren

Johan Hallgren

Oh, to have myself thrown over those strong, Viking shoulders....

J Hallgren

All right, I'm a simple creature. My weakness is Swedish metal guitarists. Or any nationality of heavy metal musicians, really.

Not that I'd run off with one. I just like to look.

I blame it on being brought up listening to Slayer.


  1. hehehe :) I'm reminded of my latest Medusa heroine the moment I saw his hair and hence, before I had a chance to drool, I burst forth laughing.. (insert sheepish smiley here)..couldn't help it, sorry !

    But yeah..the bod is good ;) and I hope no one at home is jealous of your fascination ...

  2. Hence my saying that I only like to look ;)

    Actually, it is quite interesting that the men I find fleetingly attractive in the whisk-me-away sense are not the men that I would ever find myself dating or married to!

  3. I favour the bad boy look myself. Though I don't think I could ever date one. I think it has something to do with the Alpha Male attitude that I like.

  4. I tried dating someone with the bad-boy look twice. One time it worked out, but boy, the time it didn't made me think again about trying at it a third time.

    Aren't they nice to look at though....

    (Ju, I am JUST looking ;) he already knows about my weakness for heavy metal musicians and isn't threatened!)